My First French Words Fruits and Vegetables

Would you be proud of your child for pronouncing their first French words?

My first French words : fruits and vegetables is a bilingual French-English picture book specially designed for young English-speaking learners.

Thanks to this picture book, your child will learn French smoothly.

Through suggestions for guessing games, “seek and find”, this picture book allows your child to:

  • discover 100 fruits and vegetables
  • build up their vocabulary in a fun way
  • develop their curiosity thanks to exotic fruits and vegetables

Each page presents 4 fruits or vegetables. French words are preceded by their grammatical gender so that 
your child can get familiar with this tricky French grammar point.

clear layout and beautiful realistic pictures promote interactions with your child who can easily name fruits and vegetables and memorize their names in both languages.

If you too want to introduce your child to French while sharing special moments with them, discover this picture book now!