My First French Words: Colors

Do you want to awaken your child to French and help them build their vocabulary up in a fun way?

My first words in French: Colors is a bilingual English-French picture book.

Your child discovers the different colors with several objects, animals, flowers and French colorful idioms related to each color. All words are presented in English with their equivalent in French.

Through 2 suggested games (riddles and 'find and seek'), this visual book helps English-speaking and French-speaking babies, toddlers, children to discover more than 150 words and 37 French colorfulidioms.

Eventually, it is an essential tool to support them in discovering the world around them, both in English and in French.

Each double presents one color, including silver and gold.
  • Glossy and supple cover
  • Supple interior
  • 100% color book

This book is also available in English to Chinese Mandarin.

We wish you learning French with fun and pleasure!