Chinese-English l spy with my little eye : Transportation

Do you want to awaken your child to Mandarin Chinese and help them build up their vocabulary in a fun wayWould you like to let them stay away from the screens?

Chinese-English I spy with my little eye: Transportation is a unique Montessori-inspired bilingual "seek and findbook that awakens your child to Chinese mandarin with lots of fun.

Through the game, your child learns easily the name of 90 means of transportation classified by theme:

  • in the city,
  • emergency vehicles,
  • public transportation,
  • in the mountain,
  • in the countryside,
  • in the sky,
  • on the water
  • on a building site
  • in the world
  • sports and hobbies
  • colors

Thanks to this book, they also develop their sense of observation and their focus: the means of transportation are presented from different angles (aerial view, front, side, behind, in three dimensions), empty and in their context.

In addition, thanks to lesser-known vehicles, this book arouses your child's curiosity.

The words are presented in both English and Chinese mandarin with pinyin.